Arc of Alchemist Has Been Delayed to the End of 2019

Idea Factory International has announced that the Western release of its upcoming action-RPG, Arc of Alchemist, has been delayed. Originally planned to release in summer 2019, it will now make its way to North America and Europe this winter instead. That’s not the only major change for the Western release, however, as the North American release will be digital-only. The physical edition will still come to Europe, though.

The reason for reason is currently unknown. It could be the result of a crowded Summer for Idea Factory. The publisher already has three other games releasing then, with Date a Live: Rio ReincarnationSuper Neptunia, and Dragon Star Varnir all releasing in June 2019. A tweet from Idea Factor International alluded to decision relating to the publisher being a “small company,” but more information wasn’t given at this time:

The decision to scrap the physical release in North America is even curiouser, especially since it will still release in Europe. Again, no clear reason was given for this move, and while unfortunate, it is better than not getting the game in any form.

Arc of Alchemist takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth. It is an action-heavy RPG with a slight strategic element, as the formation of your party can determine your success or not. You take control Quinn Bravesford as you journey deep into the desert in an attempt to find the planet’s last hope.

Arc of Alchemist will release in Winter 2019 for the PlayStation 4. Are you bummed at this delay, and the lack of a physical release? Let us know!