Monster Hunter: World Appreciation Fest Is Brimming With Perks

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Monster Hunter: World, an Appreciation Fest is happening! It will be starting on January 26, 2019 and last until February 22, 2019 on all platforms. This event serves as a thank you to the fans who have supported the game, helping it sell over ten million units worldwide.

Nearly all previously released event quests will be made available, as will some special event quests. Between 12 am UTC on January 26th and 11:59 pm UTC on February 7th, The Greatest Jagras will be available. From 12 am UTC on February 8th until 11:59 pm UTC on February 21st, The Name’s Lavasioth will be around.

Players can take advantage of new login bonuses and limited bounties as well. This will include two Lucky Vouchers, plus an Appreciation Ticket. Additionally, there will be daily limited bounties where you can earn Appreciation Fireworks and Appreciation Tickets.

Lastly, there are going to be new backgrounds, titles, and poses for your Guild Card. Plus there are some fun cosmetics coming to snag, such as a Sparkling Party costume for your Poogie and The Handler’s Friendly Felyne Costume. Fans can also take advantage of the reduced costs of items and services at all facilities.

A special appreciation platter will be available in the Gathering Hub, which will be fully decked out with decorations in celebration throughout Appreciation Fest.

[Source: Twitter]