DICE Apologizes for Battlefield V Issue Preventing Level 50 Players From Accruing Company Coin

Battlefield V has had somewhat of a rocky launch, and DICE is no stranger to issuing apologies for the game’s numerous problems. This time, the developer has penned a letter apologizing to players and promising them fixes for an issue that has prevented those who achieved the maximum career rank of 50 from accruing Company Coin.

For those who aren’t familiar, Company Coin is earned by playing the game, and can be spent on cosmetics, upgrades, and gear. The aforementioned issue has been plaguing Battlefield V since launch, frustrating players who reached the maximum rank.

The good news is that DICE has identified the source of the issue, and has deployed a back-end fix to resolve it. The bad news is that not everyone is receiving Company Coin yet.

DICE wrote:

As we continue to investigate, we’re seeing that the issue may be related to the scripts and data pulls our back-end relies on when checking a player’s rank against the actions they just took, such as ending a round (win or lose), unlocking an achievement, or completing an assignment.

With every fix and update, we must ensure that the build changes or back-end/server-side adjustments we make doesn’t impact anything else in the process. The complexity of the issue means that we must take extra caution and remain diligent in our approach.

Now, many of you have asked for visibility on how many Company Coin players can expect when they finish a round at max Career Rank. When a player at Career Rank 50 finishes a round they are awarded a predetermined amount of Company Coin for the Score they ended the round with. For example, currently ending a round with a Player Score of 500-999 will net you 25 Company Coin, ending with a Player Score of 1,000-1,999 with result in 50 Company Coin, and so forth. The higher the Score you end with the more Company Coin you will receive. Please note that the system will be under continual refinement as we strike the right balance between earned currency and playtime.

DICE has promised to retroactively award Company Coin to players who were affected by the bug. The developer is also working on a fix to ensure that the End of Round screen accurately reports the amount players have earned.

[Source: Reddit]