The Blue Mage Has Arrived in Final Fantasy XIV, and They’re the Ultimate Copy-Cat

The first limited job is now available in Final Fantasy XIV, and eligible players can now become a powerful Blue Mage! As long as you’ve completed the main A Realm Reborn quest-line and you have a level 50 Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic class, you’re good to go. Square Enix released a new highlight video showing off the Blue Mage’s unique mimicry. Check it out above.

The Blue Mage is a keen student of battle and can learn the abilities used by monsters they fight. Face off against powerful foes, steal their abilities, and then use them against your enemies. The Blue Mage will start off with a level cap of 50 and will be able to learn up to 49 unique abilities. Both the level cap and the ability limit will be bumped up in future updates.

Also new is an exclusive Blue Mage duty called The Masked Carnivale. Upon reaching level 50 and completing all of the Blue Mage Job quests, players will unlock the chance to participate in this 25 end-game challenges. Weekly rewards will be available for anyone brave enough to compete for them.

The final chapter in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is coming to a close, set to conclude when patch 4.56 hits in late March. By then we should have a very nice set up for the next chapter in Final Fantasy XIV‘s epic timeline, called Shadowbringers. Stay tuned!