Take a Closer Look at Final Fantasy XIV’s Blue Mage

All eyes were on Final Fantasy XIV‘s upcoming expansion, Shadowbringers, when it was revealed at the 2018 fanfest. However, we still have to finish the Stormblood story before looking at the next chapter in the Warrior of Light’s journey. The 4.5 update, known as “A Requiem for Heroes,” comes with a host of new features, but the most exciting addition is no doubt the introduction of the Blue Mage job class. Square Enix has gone into more detail on what exactly makes the Blue Mage tick.

Check out the Blue Mage in action here:

As always, the Blue Mages are copycats, as they focuses on stealing abilities from monsters to use as their own. These new skills will surely change how you play the game and look to be a fun change of pace. It is also a unique class in that it is designed for solo players. The Blue Mage isn’t connected to any of the existing jobs and, when the job becomes available, it will have a level cap of 50. That’s far below the current cap of 70, but that will be increased in future updates.

There will also be some Blue Mage-specific content known as “The Masked Carnivale.” This will be available after reaching the level cap, meaning players will have to master the ways of the mage to be successful.

The 4.5 update will be available in two parts.  The first part goes live in January 2019, while the second is available the following March. It features more content than just the new job, including:

  • New Main Scenario Quests
  • The Finale of The Four Lords
  • Even Further Hildibrand Adventures
  • New Instanced Dungeons – The Ghimlyt Dark
  • Third Chapter in the Return to Ivalice Alliance Raid Series – The Orbonne Monastery
  • New Trials – Seiryu – The Wreathe of Snakes (Normal and Extreme)
  • The Forbidden Land, Eureka – Hydatos Expedition
  • Rival Wings Update – New Map
  • Gold Saucer Update – New GATE
  • New World Visit System
  • And much more

Will you be trying out the Blue Mage? Or have you already found the perfect job? Let us know!