Become One of Final Fantasy XIV’s Shadowbringers in Summer 2019

The Final Fantasy XIV’s annual fanfest announcements are over, and we now know about the MMO’s next expansion. Shadowbringers will launch in early Summer 2019. As expected, it brings a whole lot of new content, although a lot of it is still wrapped in mystery.

Naturally, Shadowbrigners follows the last expansion, Stormblood. After rallying nations together to face the Imperial armies of Garlemald, the Warrior of Light must face their greatest challenge yet. For reasons currently unknown, the Warrior of Light must become the Warrior of Darkness.

There’ll be much more than expanded story content, however. The expansion will introduce all-new job classes.

However, players actually will be able to play a new class, the Blue Mage, even sooner. It will arrive with the 4.5 update. The Blue Mage is a limited job with a level cap of 50, although will be increased in the future.

There will also a new playable race and while it wasn’t confirmed, Producer Naoki Yoshida strongly hinted that it would be the Viera. The level cap, previously 70, will be raised once again to 80. The expansion also sees a modified version of the “Trust” system introduced in Final Fantasy XI. The mechanic allows NPC characters to join you in dungeons, essentially allowing you to complete quests while playing solo.

One of the most exciting additions is the introduction of New Game+, which allows you to play through previous scenarios with your current character and abilities. The expansion will also introduce the “World Visit” feature, allowing players to more easily travel to other servers and interact with a wider range of people.

We’ve still got a ways to go before the release of Shadowbringers, but more information is set to be revealed in early 2019.