First Beat Saber PSVR Song Pack DLC Coming ‘Soon,’ Future Packs to be Added Faster

One of the major differences between Beat Saber on PC and Beat Saber on PSVR is the absence of the ability to create custom songs or mods for the PlayStation version. PSVR players can only enjoy officially cultivated content directly from Beat Games. There have been a few free songs added to Beat Saber through updates, including the excellent POP/STARS by K/DA, but the current song list is still a scant 20 or so tracks. If you’ve been playing since its launch back in November, you might be getting a little antsy for a new groove to chop some blocks to.

We’ve known that Beat Games intends to add song packs to Beat Saber since before it launched on PSVR, but the timeline for those new songs has been unclear. Last week, Beat Games gave an update on the first song pack, saying that it is coming “soon.”

According to the studio’s Twitter, they’re currently finishing up ten songs that will be included in the first pack before porting it to PSVR for official release. Apparently these songs have been difficult to add, but they are confident that the next packs after this first one will come “much quicker.” We know for sure that Beat Games has at least 30 songs in the works spread across three separate DLC packs that should cost around $9.99 each. While no further plans have officially been announced, the popularity of Beat Saber across both PC and PSVR is hard to ignore. We’d be surprised if Beat Games ends up done updating their rhythm VR game after this first series of DLC song packs makes its way into players’ homes.

[Via: UploadVR]