intruders hide and seek release date

Intruders: Hide and Seek Puts You in the Middle of a Terrifying Home Invasion

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain is bringing another thought-provoking VR experience to the PlayStation 4. In Intruders: Hide and Seek, a family home is taken over by a gang of intruders, and it’s up to a young child to save his parents. The heart-pounding stealth adventure comes to the PS4 on February 13, 2019. It will be available both physically and digitally for 19.99€/$19.99.

In Intruders: Hide and Seek, a peaceful family home is suddenly the point of a home invasion. While his parents are captured and tortured, young Ben manages to get away, though now his home is no longer the safe haven it once was. You’ll have to help Ben sneak through his house without being caught, and find a way to save his parents. Along the way, you may even learn why your house was targeted in the first place. The first-person adventure is made even more immersive (and terrifying) with the PSVR.

Check out the trailer for Intruders: Hide and Seek here:

Intruders: Hide and Seek comes from Spanish studio Tessera Studios. The studio won “Best Game” at the 3rd PlayStation Talents awards. Among other rewards, SIE Spain committed to publishing its title. Another recently-revealed VR title from SIE Spain, Anyone’s Diary, also comes from the PlayStation Talents awards. PlayStation Talents is an effort to put a spotlight on the Spanish game development scene. Part of the initiative is the PlayStation Games Camp, where Spanish developers can workshop their game ideas.

Intruders: Hide and Seek will be available on the PlayStation Store on February 13, 2018.