The Division 2’s Dark Zone Will be ‘Lucrative’ For People Playing Alone

With the rise of multiplayer and shared-world shooters, people who go it alone have sometimes been known to have a lesser experience, due to the nature of these games. With Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, many were wondering how the experience would be for players flying solo.

During an interview with Twinfinite, Red Storm Creative Director Terry Spier had some intriguing things to say regarding the way solo-players would be able to interact with the game:

You can absolutely have a solo player experience in the Dark Zone, and it can be lucrative for you. The whole intention of the Dark Zone, being about greed, is that there is a little bit of potential for a faster path through the RNG, farming part of the RPG.

This is great news, because many multiplayer experiences punish players who aren’t with a squad. It’s also been noted that combat has been balanced to give players more choices and will focus on strategy and skill, instead of giving players who have better weapons an automatic advantage. This rewards those who are skillful and doesn’t punish them for having a weapon with lower stats.

A noteworthy difference in The Division 2 is the fact that you can completely avoid the PVP mode, Dark Zone, while still earning rewards it gives. The inclusion of Rogue Loop will allow you to complete mini-missions that lead to valuable rewards, even while playing by yourself. However, in order to create a more balanced experience, there are some drawbacks to completing these missions, as a player’s rogue status increases as they play. Equally, completing matches too quickly will result in revealing your location to other players, so it’s best to pay attention to the mini-map to be aware of your surroundings. Playing smartly will result in a rich and rewarding experience for everyone, including solo-players.

Will you be picking up The Division 2 when it launches on March 15, 2019? If so, how will you be playing? Solo or with a squad? Let us know! Details about beta sign-ups can be found here.

[Source: Twinfinite]