Momiji Could Be Added to Dead or Alive 6 as DLC

At this point, it’s assumed that any fighting game will release extra characters at DLC. After all, it’s a way to keep the consumers engaged, and a way to include characters that didn’t make the cut at first, including fan-favorites. Things are no different with Dead or Alive 6, which has plenty of fan-favorites to choose from. One such character is Momiji, who has been highly-requested. No formal announcements have been made, but if demand is high enough (and the game’s sales are good enough, of course), we could see her being added down the line.

The news comes from Twinfinite, who interviewed Dead or Alive 6 Director Yohei Shimbori. The topic of DLC came up, and while he said some things “are already being worked on,” at the same time “plans aren’t entirely set yet.” In addition, guest characters could also be in the cards, but those all depend on the relationships Koei Tecmo has with outside companies.

In terms of specific characters, Momiji seems like a major possibility. There’s been plenty of fan demand for her inclusion, which Shimbori is aware of. While he “can’t make promises” at this time, he’s “thinking about making a personal effort” to bring Mimoji into Dead or Alive 6. However, it seems that her inclusion at least partly depends on how well Dead or Alive 6 performs, so we may have to wait and see on that end. But either way, this statement certainly makes Momiji the strongest contender for a DLC character yet.

We actually haven’t heard much of anything on the Dead or Alive 6 DLC front. There have been two bonus characters confirmed, however: Nyotengu and Phase 4. The two are a preorder bonus and included with the Deluxe Edition, respectively, however, and as of now are not confirmed for standalone purchase.

As of right now, the roster features a mix of newcomers and Dead or Alive veterans. Familiar faces like Christie and Bass join first-timers Diego and NiCODead or Alive 6 releases on March 1, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Would you want to see Momiji as an extra character? Or is there another character you’d like to see added? Let us know!

[Source: Twinfinite]