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PUBG Earned More Revenue Than Any Other Paid Game in 2018

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds had a fantastic 2018, according to recently released revenue data compiled by SuperData. In fact, PUBG managed to come out on top as the highest-earning premium game of 2018, raking in $1.03 billion in revenue.

This is a pretty staggering number, especially when you consider the Battle Royale boom that we saw last year. Competing Battle Royale games, and modes, were springing up everywhere, but PUBG still managed to make a killing. Fortnite brought in well-over double the revenue, of course, but it’s also a free-to-play game, so we’d be comparing apples and oranges there. Despite all of the competition, PUBG‘s earnings saw a 19% jump from 2017.

It also managed to finish with a formidable lead over the number two earner, FIFA 18, which brought in $790 million. Somehow Grand Theft Auto V still managed to get on the list as the number three earner, bringing in $628 million. That may be the most impressive point of data, considering GTA V first launched in 2013.

Rounding out the top five are Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2, which brought in $612 million and $516 million, respectively. Both of those games launched later in 2018, so those are impressive numbers indeed.

[Source: Gamasutra]