pubg vikendi map

PUBG Becomes a Winter Wonderland in Newest Update

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds just got a whole lot colder. About a month after it went live on PC, console players can finally play the new Vikendi map. The new map is unlike anything else in PUBG, featuring a snow-covered winter wonderland. It is available now for all players. This update also introduces a new Survivor Pass.

As in the PC version, Vikendi is a 6×6 map that is designed to play more quicker than the other maps, but also allows you to play more tactically. However, considering the ground is frozen, everything will that much more slippery, so you best be careful when operating a vehicle. You’re also able to track other players using the footprints they leave behind, but be aware that they won’t last forever.

The addition of the new map also brings new items to PUBG, some exclusive to Vikendi. The G36C can only be found when playing in Vikendi, and will surely become feared among players. The map also brings with it the snowmobile, an all new vehicle. The two-person vehicle performs better on frozen terrain, but it’s also difficult to control.

Players can also access the new Survivor Pass. Like similarly-structured offerings on other games, it provides players with a set of challenges that yield various rewards. If you want even more challenges (and therefore more rewards), the Premium Pass can be purchased for $9.99.

Even though PUBG only launched on the PlayStation 4 in December of 2018, it’s already been making waves. It topped the PlayStation Store charts that same month, and it was the highest-earning paid game of 2018. With this newest update, it’ll surely keep players coming.

[Source: PUBG]