Wargroove’s PlayStation 4 Release Date Is Up in the Air

Wargroove is coming to the PlayStation 4, but we’re still not sure when. During the January 23, 2019 Nintendo indie game showcase, it was revealed that the retro-inspired turn-based strategy game will launch on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC on February 1, 2019. Chucklefish chimed in after the presentation concluded and clarified that the PS4 version is coming soon.

When is “soon?” Sadly, we don’t have any more to go on. Originally, Wargroove was slated for a Q1 2019 release. Even in a worst case scenario, it’s logical to assume that Wargroove will come to the PS4 before the end of March. Still, if the game was only awaiting certification, one would think that Chucklefish would have put forward a release date.

Another thing worth noting is that Wargroove is confirmed to feature day-one cross-play between Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC, but no mention has been made about cross-play with the PlayStation 4 version. With cross-play, players on different platforms will be able to play online with each other and share their created maps and campaigns with each other. Hopefully this features makes it in to the PS4 release as well, because that would give this game a much longer lifespan.

This is one indie game that the whole industry has been buzzing about for months, so as soon as we learn when Wargroove is coming to PS4, we’ll update you guys straight away.