Check Your Email for Your 2018 PlayStation Stats and Three Dynamic Themes From Sony

This is the PlayStation 2018 stats wrap-up.

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Sony has been making a habit out of sending little rewards to its users, ranging from a free avatar for earning the Platinum Trophy in God of War, to free themes, and other goodies. Today, it looks like Sony is rolling out more gifts, this time in the form of three more free dynamic PS4 themes as well as your 2018 gaming stats.

If you’re someone who likes to reflect on the past, this will probably be up your alley. The email contains some stats you’d expect, like how many games you’ve played or your cumulative hours spent gaming. If you’re curious to know, it also includes your most played games of 2018, along with how many hours in each, your longest consecutive gaming session, prime gaming day, and even how many hours you’ve spent in PSVR.

This campaign seems to be exclusive to US and Canadian users right now, an answer to the previous EU stats campaign we saw about a month ago. Littered throughout are global stats for all players, like how many times Kratos was slain in God of War (which, if you’re wondering, was over 924 million times), among other interesting tidbits.

Check the email associated with your PSN account within the next few days and you should see the email from PlayStation with your personal 2018 stats and three dynamic themes. Alternatively, you can go here to manually check the stats. Keep in mind, doing it that way will not net you the dynamic themes.

Have you gotten your 2018 stats from Sony? What did they look like? What was your most played game? Feel free to share in the comments!

[Source: ResetEra]