Check Your PlayStation 2019 Wrap-Up Stats and Earn a Free Dynamic Theme/Avatar

Sony is again offering PlayStation players a chance to check out their gaming-related stats from the previous year. With the PlayStation 2019 Wrap-Up, fans can log into a website and take a walk down memory lane. Some users may receive the information via an email from PlayStation. The site features stats concerning most games played and reveals how many hours the player spent in their top three. A count is also provided for number of hours spent playing games in total throughout the year.

While the information itself is cool to look at, Sony threw in extra bonuses to seal the deal. Depending on an individual’s preferred genre, redeem codes are available for a special Dynamic Theme and Avatar. The website portals are currently live in the United States and EU.

After perusing your stats, be sure to check the bottom of the website’s page, too. There, you should find a button that allows you to redeem your rewards–the aforementioned Dynamic Theme and Avatar. These rewards are based on your “Top Genre.” For instance, if you mostly played action-adventure titles in 2019, the special theme and avatar will revolve around an Action Hero as a “gameplay persona.” There are a total of seven such personas, each outlined on the PlayStation Blog as follows,

  • Action Hero: For the gamer who lives for the epic moments in action-adventure games
  • Legendary Warrior: For the gamer who steps up to the challenge in fighting games
  • Master Explorer: For the gamer who has continually aced that platformer game
  • Master Strategist: For the gamer who loves solving puzzles in a good strategy game
  • Speed Demon: For the gamer who leaves their fellow drivers in the dust in a fast-paced driving/racing game
  • Sports Phenom: For the gamer with a competitive edge and a love for sports games
  • Marksman: For the gamer who hits their mark in a shooter game

Which of your stats are you most proud of? Lets us know in the comments below.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]