PUBG Mobile Is Getting a Resident Evil 2 Crossover Mode

Keeping in the spirit of Resident Evil 2 remake, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a spooky new mode coming to the mobile version of the game. The new mode, titled RE2: Sunsetwill feature the PUBG action you know and love, but with that added Resident Evil 2 twist all you PlayStation 4 owners have been enjoying, making for an exciting match.

This new mode comes in the form of PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update and is in beta form, much like many multiplayer modes that have been releasing lately. In case you’re curious, the beta has a 1.7GB download size and will feature fewer players than you might be used to.

In RE2: Sunset, you’ll be playing with a maximum player count of 60 instead of the usual 100. This is likely due to the mode being in beta format and will probably increase to 100 when the full version releases.

As for the mode itself, it will take place on the Erangel map and pays homage to the survival-horror series in many ways. The lobby area is now crafted after the Raccoon City Police Station found in Resident Evil 2 for the PS4. As you play, you’ll come across undead and other recognizable enemies from RE2. The zombies themselves act much like they do in the remake of RE2, which Tencent Games worked hard to achieve.

To keep things interesting, the mode also features a day-night cycle. At night, you’ll want to be careful, because there are a lot more zombies to face, making survival more difficult. It’s best to make use of the daytime to gather as many resources as you’ll need for nighttime.

RE: Sunset features a ton of fan-service, so if you’re into both PUBG and Resident Evil 2, you’re bound to have a good time. As of now, this mode is only announced for mobile, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it came to consoles and PC at a later time. Additionally, there is no release date for when the beta is supposed to roll out for all users, but it should be soon.

Seeing crossover events like these are great, because they keep the community coming back for more, while marketing other IP like Resident Evil 2.

[Source: ResetEra]