Cloud Storage for PlayStation Plus Members Is Getting a Massive Increase in February

February 2019 is going to be a huge month for PlayStation Plus members. In addition to a brand-new lineup of games to download (including the last batch of PS3 and Vita titles), the storage cap for cloud saves is getting a huge increase. An increase of ten times, in fact! Players will now be able to store up to 100GB of data in the cloud, as opposed to the 10GB that they originally had. An exact date for this change has not been given, though be on the lookout for “early February.”

The ability to store saves on the clouds means that save files don’t have to be tied down to the system they are played on. With the feature, you can play the same game on multiple systems, for example. It is also essential for when players switch systems for one reason or another. Outside of the free games every month, it’s one of the biggest selling points for PlayStation Plus.

While the feature is definitely a worthwhile one, the 10GB limit was a little too small. Especially in an era where games are increasingly getting bigger and bigger, some more space was definitely needed. Should you want even more space to take with you however, Seagate just announced a officially-licensed 2TB portable hard drive for the PS4.

The change will go into effect in early February 2019 for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Right now, subscribers can take part in a members-only sale on the PlayStation Store to get some of the top-tier PlayStation VR titles at a reduced price.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]