Season 8 of Fortnite Begins Heating Up After the Fire King Breaks Free

Fortnite is a battle royale game. Battle royale games generally aren’t known for their deep narratives. Considering your main objective is to be the last person standing, why should there be a story? However, it seems, at the very least, Fortnite is forming some sort of mythology. We’ll see whether anything comes from this, but there appears to be a battle brewing between, of all things, the elemental gods.

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or you choose to intentionally ignore Fortnite), Season 7 of Epic Games’ battle royale sensation centers around a giant ice storm overtaking the map. What seemingly started as a simple way to tie-in to the Winter season has suddenly turned into something much deeper. A fan theory has surmised that there are four kings within the world of Fortnite, each possessing a specific element. The Ice King is the reason for this snowy makeover. However, it seems that the Ice King was doing much more than turning Fortnite into his snowy domain. He was also holding one of the other elemental kings hostage.

See, the Ice Castle (yes, it’s a real location) houses a dungeon. Strangely, the dungeon was rapidly melting, fueling rumors that it was hosting a Fire King. Despite the Ice King’s best efforts, the Fire King has managed to escape his icy prison. Players can start to take on a series of challenges to start assembling the “Prisoner” skin, which coincidentally looks a lot like a possible Fire King. It’s actually a progressive skin, meaning as the days go on, more elements of the skin are revealed.

There’s been rumblings of another natural disaster heading to Fortnite, possibly an earthquake or volcanic eruption of sorts. As usual, Epic Games is keeping quiet on whatever the next season has in store for players. But whatever happens, it certainly looks like things are getting much more interesting over on that island. But before then, we have a Marshmello concert to look forward to.

[Source: GameLife]