Final Fantasy XV Lead Game Designer Debuts Music-Centric Action Game No Straight Roads

Wan Hazmer, Lead Game Designer on Final Fantasy XV, founded Malaysian studio Metronomik in late 2017. The studio’s first title, the music-centric action game No Straight Roads, began making the rounds in Fall 2018. Now Metronomik has formally revealed the game, which will come to the PlayStation 4 and PC in Spring 2019. The reveal in question has arrived in the form of a “video tour” on the studio’s official YouTube channel.

Get an introduction to the world of No Straight Roads in the video below:

Metronomik makes it clear that No Straight Roads isn’t technically a rhythm game. Instead of following a musical beat via button prompts, players take control with gameplay reminiscent of that which is featured in action games. In the video, Hazmer describes No Straight Roads as an experience where you play an “indie rock band, fighting an EDM empire in a music-centric action game that is not a rhythm game.”

To help craft the game’s music, Metronomik brought in Falk Au Yeong, a composer who’s previously worked on a number of Final Fantasy and Sonic titles. Also creating music with the studio is James Landino, whose credits include Amplitude on PS4, Cytus 2, and RWBY. Pejman Roozbeh and Andy Tunstall, both of whom worked alongside Falk and Landino on Spark the Electric Jester, were also hired to contribute music to No Straight Roads.

Visual art, like music, takes center stage in No Straight Roads, as well. In the footage shown, the game’s visual art style is nothing short of stunning. From boss fights to scenes in the city of Vinyl, No Straight Roads looks to be filled with vibrant and unique art.