Rhythm Game-Inspired Action Title No Straight Roads Delayed to Late Summer 2020

Earlier this year, Malaysia-based studio Metronomik announced that its action-adventure title No Straight Roads would arrive on June 30th. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation, the game is being delayed “until later in the summer.” As of writing, Metronomik has yet to share a specific release date.

No Straight Roads Game Director Wan Hazmer relayed the news in a video post on Facebook. Hazmer’s explanation for the postponed date is as follows, “…based on recent information, due to the complications that arose from the global pandemic that we’re facing today, we’ve had to make the heartbreaking decision to delay the release of the game until later in the summer.”

During the video, the Game Director also notes that while retailers will begin to list No Straight Roads‘ launch date as August 31st, it will merely serve as a “placeholder date.” Metronomik plans to share further details on the matter as soon as something concrete surfaces.

Whenever No Straight Roads rolls out, it will do so on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC via Epic Games Store, and Xbox One platforms. Hazmer, who served as Final Fantasy XV’s Lead Designer, leads the project at Metronomik–a studio he founded in 2017. Some notable names are helping the Game Director see his vision through, as well. For one, composer Falk Au Yeong (Final Fantasy and Sonic) is contributing to No Straight Roads’ score. So, too, is Amplitude’s and RWBY’s James Landino.

Despite the rhythm game influences, do not anticipate a pure rhythm game. Instead of following button prompts on beat, players should expect to advance through the title in a manner akin to other action adventures. In doing so, No Straight Roads players assume the role of an indie rock group whose primary goal centers on battling an EDM empire.

[Source: No Straight Roads on Facebook via Gematsu]