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Michael Condrey Joins 2K to Form a New Studio, Promises Diversity

Most known for his work on Call of Duty and Dead Space, Michael Condrey is forming a new studio under Take-Two’s 2K label. When speaking with, Condrey didn’t disclose the size of the studio or even the types of games it will be working on, but he did confirm that building a diverse workforce would be at the forefront of the studio’s goals.

Condrey noted that he was thrilled to create something from the ground up again. As the co-founder and former head of Sledgehammer, Condrey is a veteran and a leader in the industry. To him, this new studio will be a blank slate, and he’s excited to “shape the commitment to culture from the start.”

The push for diversity has always been there. Players want to see themselves in games and the industry at large. But a subset of the gaming community may still ask why diversity matters. Like many before him, Condrey answered.

Diverse teams are more creative, more innovative, hit deadlines better, and ultimately create experiences that are compelling to the broadest audience possible. It’s hard to argue when you watch the critical and commercial success that films like Black Panther and Wonder Woman have achieved in Hollywood. Hiring people with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints is critical for our new studio to grow and flourish. It also shows for future hires that there are people in all levels of the organization who represent beliefs and experiences like their own.

Condrey said that he feels confident that the team’s vision will only be strengthened by being under the 2K umbrella. He noted that the way he sees it, this partnership allows the business and structure to be taken care of at a high level so the studio can focus on, what it will (hopefully) do best: making quality games.