Rainbow Six Siege Year 4: Season 1 Gets Two New Operators and Operation Burnt Horizon

Ubisoft’s tactical multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege is ramping up for its Year Four content with Operation Burnt Horizon. This will be season one of the next year’s worth of content, taking us to the land of Australia and adding two new Operators.

In a statement from Ubisoft’s official Rainbow Six page, they shed some light on the upcoming season:

Year Four Season One is all set to go, featuring two new operators from the SASR. One’s a stoic Attacker who’s just there to get the job done, and the other is a quick-witted Defender who’s in it for the guts and glory. Two old mates from way back, they’ve signed up with Rainbow to bring a little Aussie know-how to the other side of the world.

Season one’s Operation Burt Horizon will also feature a new unnamed map that’s “packed with twists, turns, and Australiana.”

Ubisoft will also be hosting a Twitch stream on February 17, 2019, with all the details for Operation Burnt Horizon, so please visit their Twitch channel to find out more.

Rainbow Six Siege has come a long way since its release back in 2015. It started as a game with a solid foundation that was arguably light on content and has evolved into one of the leading multiplayer shooters of the generation. Even if it’s not your style of game, Ubisoft deserves praise for their support.

[Source: Ubisoft]