Apex Legends Leaks Reveal a New Mode and New Heroes

It shouldn’t surprise anyone, but more content is coming to Apex Legends. Not only will new heroes (or, legends, I guess) enter the battlefield, but new modes are also seemingly being planned. All of this comes from recent leaks, which means EA and Respawn have yet to comment on the possible additions. But with more content (including a battle pass) coming to Apex Legends in March 2019, we may hear more information on all of this soon.

When it comes to new legends, information on two of them was discovered. The first is named Octane, who may be a support character of sorts, as his playstyle seems to center around a stimpack. However, what this injection actually does wasn’t detailed, so it’s up in the air as to how exactly he will play. The other, Wattson, has the ability to deploy “Tesla Traps” to catch enemies off-guard. It definitely makes sense to have another trap-centric character, besides Caustic, available.

The question now is whether these characters will be available from the jump or be locked behind a paywall. The latter option seems more likely, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Perhaps even more excitingly, some long-requested features may be coming to Respawn’s new battle royale game in the near future. Some tech-savvy players managed to find references to both solo and duo modes within Apex Legends. If you aren’t familiar, Apex Legends currently only has three-person squads. Such changes are certainly understandable, but would be major ones.

There’s also some evidence of a new “Survival” mode coming, as well. There’s not much information to go on, except that it appears to feature NPC spectators of sorts.

There’s no details on if any of these features will come to Apex Legends, as this could all be cut content. Apex Legends has been a major success for EA, so we should definitely see more content come to the battle royale sensation.

[Source: VG247]