Overkill’s The Walking Dead Console Version Is Not Canceled Just Postponed

When players started to receive preorder refund emails from PlayStation, regarding Overkill’s The Walking Dead, it seemed as though the game had been canceled. The email itself suggested this, stating  “the publisher has notified us that the game is canceled. As a result, we have withdrawn the current preorder from the PlayStation Store and will cancel all preorders.” However, this was simply an automated email. The publisher, 505 Games, clarified on Twitter. The game is not canceled. Just postponed until further notice.

Starbreeze is still working on development but this postponement announcement/reminder arrives on the heels of an indefinite delay last month. This is following a series of delays that trace all the way back to 2016, when the game was originally scheduled to launch. To the team’s credit, the game did stick to its PC release date, launching back on November 6, 2018. But the console release has been a struggle from the start.

While confirmation that the game will, in fact, come out is good news for fans, an indefinite postponement alongside a preorder refund is hardly reassuring.