Truberbrook, a Miniaturized Adventure, Comes To PS4 This April

BTF has informed potential travelers they can take a trip to the charming miniature town of Truberbrook this April. With its handmade art style, it definitely seems like a unique spot to sightsee!

Releasing on April 17, 2019 for PS4, this adventure game takes place in a small village in Cold War era Germany, but there are hidden secrets to this quaint area that your character, Hans Tannhauser, will have to uncover to save the world. The game releases on PC about a month earlier on March 12th.

The game is composed of handmade miniature sets from glue and physical materials alongside digital characters. To accompany the look, the developers used physical lighting to interpret weather conditions and different aspects of the day. Light reflections, particle effects, and depth of field were also added. The result is a striking art style that stands out among the crowd of adventure games. The visual style is very similar to what The Swapper did years ago.

Inspired by Twin Peaks and The X-Files, Truberbrook is an unraveling mystery, in which visiting American science student, Hans, discovers inter-dimensional travel with parallel universes, dinosaurs, and evil mega-corporations with dastardly plans. Sounds wacky.

Truberbrook is fully voiced in English and German, and BTF claims on its Steam page that there are over 10 hours of gameplay. The game will also have a physical retail edition for $29.99, which comes with a 24-page travel guide.

BTF is a production company from Cologne, Germany that produces movies, TV shows, and games. They’ve worked on the Netflix backed Don’t Try This at Home and the talk show Neo Magazin Royale on German TV.