Jurassic World Evolution Roars Past 2 Million Units Sold

Jurassic World Evolution, the theme park simulator form Frontier Developments, hit a major sales milestone. The title, which is self-published by Frontier, officially crossed 2 million units in terms of sales. Not only that, but Jurassic World Evolution reached that milestone in only seven months, making it Frontier’s most successful launch ever. The good news kept coming for Frontier, though, as Elite: Dangerous, which came to the PlayStation 4 in 2017, also officially sold more than three million units.

Jurassic World Evolution was a sales success right out of the gate, reaching one million units only about a month after launch. Reception has been mixed, though we reviewed it positively, calling it “overly addictive,” despite “a fair few missed steps.” Frontier has definitely put its weight behind then game, supporting it well after launch. August 2018 saw the addition of a brand new Challenge Mode, which made creating (and maintaining) your theme park even more difficult. The Secrets of Dr. Wu add-on, released in November 2018, introduced a whole new campaign to the park management sim. Finally, December 2018 brought with it a trio of dinosaurs, including some truly colossal beasts.

While no formal announcements were made, Frontier Developments CEO David Barben said the company is already prepping its fourth franchise. In addition, don’t expect Frontier’s support of its current titles to wane any time soon. “I look forward to providing more details about our fourth game franchise, as well as our existing franchises, in the coming months,” he told GamesIndustry.

What do you want to see added to Jurassic World Evolution? More dinosaurs, or perhaps another new mode? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: GamesIndustry.biz]