darksiders 3 dlc the crucible

Can You Survive Darksiders III’s Crucible’s 101 Waves of Enemies?

Publisher THQ Nordic and developer Gunfire Games have released The Crucible DLC for Darksiders III. For $6.99 USD, the DLC is now available across the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms. Essentially, the Crucible offers players a chance to dive into a challenge mode, which features “101 waves of grueling combat.”

Get a taste of what to expect from The Crucible in the content’s launch trailer below:

The Crucible is an arena only ever conquered by Targon, its overseer. Players are advised to take the challenge at their own risk. However, the rewards certainly seem worthy of the effort.

The DLC’s 101 waves of enemies are broken down as follows:

  • Defeating the first “real” Sin unlocks the Crucible and the first 25 waves
  • Second “real” Sin unlocks the next 25 waves
  • Third “real” Sin unlocks the next 25 waves
  • Fourth “real” Sin unlocks the last 25 waves
  • Defeat 5 waves without dying: you can either take your loot (rare crafting materials, new enchantments, new armor sets and a vast amount of souls) and run, or continue and risk losing everything
  • Defeating all 100 waves without dying, sets you up for the ultimate and final challenge of the Crucible

While playing through The Crucible, players will unlock new armor sets, never-before-seen enchantments, and crafting materials of a rare quality to improve each of the above. But it’s not just the potential for blood and glory that brings Fury to Targon’s arena. She’s invited, presumably by Targon, raising the question as to whether there’s something more than meets the eye with regards to The Crucible. Since the DLC is already out, players can discover this for themselves.