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Daily Reaction: The Return of Reacting Daily

It’s a strange thing to think back on Daily Reaction’s past. It was once a storied and beloved part of PlayStation LifeStyle. We all have reactions. That’s why YouTube videos like “Teens react to elders reacting to The Avengers cast reacting to tweets reacting to their film” are so popular.

Reactions aren’t just opinions though. Reactions are a dive beneath the headlines. Reactions are a sum of personal experiences, preferences, and perspectives. It’s how something relates to the world around it. The ties that bind, as it were. We’re all constantly reacting daily. Behind the scenes, the PSLS Slack chat is often filled with writers all coalescing and discussing the day’s news. Reacting to it, if you will. (You’d be really surprised about how much Nintendo talk goes on with the news team of a PlayStation website.) So I thought, if we’re doing it there, why not here?

And thus, after nearly four years on hiatus, the return of Daily Reaction.

I’ve been kicking around the restart of Daily Reaction for a long time, but it’s time. A new site design, next-gen on the horizon, and how crazy the gaming industry has been so far this year mean that I’ve got a lot to say. In some ways it feels poetic to relaunch one of the very features that kickstarted my own career here at PSLS so long ago. A lot has changed since then, but we still have things to say.

To me, one of the most important parts of Daily Reaction is that it is not a knee-jerk reaction. We have Twitter and comment sections for that. With my history in debate (fun fact: if you get a letter in debate class in high school, it is called “forensics”), I’ve learned that the most effective way to argue your own side is to fully and completely understand both sides. Some of our most interesting exercises were in being assigned to argue the opposing side of a debate successfully. It taught me a lot about perspective, and in the fast-paced era of “blink and you’ll miss it” headlines and reactions, it’s got me thinking that we’re missing a little bit of perspective.

Daily Reaction was always the near-perfect blend (because let’s be honest, nothing is perfect) of quick responses while offering a more insightful deep dive into whatever headline was dominating the news cycle for the day. In the time since then, things have only felt like they’ve sped up. More news. More things to talk about. More controversies. And that’s just in gaming. Things like THQ Nordic falling flat on its face with moronic and tone-deaf decisions, Apex Legends on a faster climb that gaming’s previous darling, Fortnite, or the latest sales charts are just a few bits of fodder that are ripe for the picking.

This column was also an opportunity for us to get our Photoshop skills in. Started long ago by Sebastian Moss and Dan Oravasaari before I even joined the site, the trend continued all the way up until the last time we reacted daily. It even made its way over into the headers for the Morning Wood vidcast series that my wife and I ran for two years. And I assure you, it will continue. Photoshopped images were and still are a staple of Daily Reaction. See the top for the latest photoshopped abomination, which is the first of many more to come.

An Evolving Conversation

The best part about Daily Reaction is that it can change and evolve to be what it needs to be. Some days it might just be me reacting solo. Sometimes I might bring in another voice from the site to lend another perspective. Some days we may cover heavy and difficult to cover topics, and others it could be something innocuous and silly. The idea is to keep the conversation going and to get people talking about a subject beneath the surface of the headlines. Whether that’s through deep insight or parody (or a parodied deep insight), I just want to spark your brain and get you thinking.

Here’s the other thing. I know you’re not always going to agree with me. That’s all right. Part of discussion and debate is opening up our perspectives to understand as many facets as we can in order to make our own informed decisions about something. Daily Reaction is a conversation. Let’s chat it out, whatever the “it” of the day is. We can talk about why I heavily feel that whole THQ Nordic AMA thing is wrong. How about a discussion on why games as a service with microtransactions are so hot right now?

One of my visions for Daily Reaction is to go back and look at things we were reacting to when we called it quits on the column originally. Reacting to the reactions, as it were, four years on. Did Microsoft’s cloud computing pan out with Crackdown 3? Did Nintendo step down from “the big three?” (We really bungled that one up considering where Nintendo is now.)

Truth is, while I have some ideas of what Daily Reaction will be, the ever-changing nature of the video game industry means that I actually have no idea where this will go. 2019 is already shaping up to be completely different than I had envisioned for games, yet the industry moves so fast that all of those oddities just seem to be the new normal.

And with those 900 words, Daily Reaction is back. It may not feature the original founders Dan and Sebastian, but I assure you that, for better or worse, its spirit lives on. Will you join in the conversation?