Fortnite Passes 20 Million Players, Celebrate With Bushes, Coming Soon

Epic Games has announced that Fortnite has surpassed 20 million players across all game modes. It’s quite an achievement for the multiplayer title! Epic Games has also announced that players will be able to hide behind bushes very soon! That new feature will be a part of version 1.8.2.

These announcements came to us via Epic Games’ Twitter. First up, let’s watch the celebratory video for hitting 20 million players:

But, we can’t finish this article without talking about the bushes! Players will soon be able to use foliage as cover in an upcoming update:

While we wait for the glory that is the bush, let’s look at some of the most recent changes from update 1.8.1:



  • Slurp Juice can now spawn as Floor Loot in addition to in chests.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to consume Slurp Juice while running.
  • Fixed the effect of Slurp Juice persisting from the pre-game phase to the Battle Bus phase.
  • Fixed an issue which caused other players’ gliders to appear sideways.
  • Supply Drop balloons now take damage when shot from below.
  • Fixed an issue which caused revives to be interrupted if another DBNO player is near.
  • Adjusted the camera while holding the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher.
    • The camera angle previously interfered with players’ crosshairs.
  • Improved stability of the matchmaking system.


  • “Crouch” and “Repair” are no longer the same input on the “Combat Pro” config.
    • Click R-Stick to crouch.
    • Click and hold R-Stick to repair.

Are you playing Fortnite? What are you hoping to see in upcoming updates?

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