Dead Space Creator Would Like to Make a Sequel That Disregards the Last Two Entries

Since Dead Space 3‘s early 2013 release, fans have pondered what a Dead Space 4 could entail. The shuttering of Visceral Games seems to suggest the series is on an indefinite hold, but who knows what Electronic Arts has planned for the property? One person who’s spoken out about where they’d like to see the franchise go next is series creator Glen Schofield. In an interview with Game Informer, Schofield briefly detailed what he would do with the series if given an opportunity to make a sequel.

During The Game Informer Show Podcast, Schofield was asked which game from his development past he would want to revisit. His Dead Space answer seems especially interesting due to his words on how he’d go about resurrecting the sci-fi horror series. He told Game Informer, “I would probably do something [so] I wouldn’t have to follow with some of the lore of the other two.” When questioned about whether his reasoning was based on the series’ various complexities, he seemed in agreement. “I actually thought in the end when they introduce all the aliens and everything, I was like, ‘wow, you didn’t need to. You got Necromorphs, right? Why did you need anything more?'”

Schofield was then asked his thoughts on whether a Dead Space 4 could exist given the current state of the industry, particularly as EA’s become infamous for cancelling single-player games. According to him, it could work if a multiplayer component were featured, or if something was added that “engaged people a little bit more.” He added, “story modes don’t have to be one player. I think that’s sort of the key these days. How do we make story mode for everybody? …[Dead Space] wouldn’t take on a different look, but it might take on a different way of playing it, slightly.” Schofield expounded, saying, “I’d probably just start with co-op and work from there like the last one… I think there are just different types of multiplayer that could exist with Dead Space, and still would bring in a lot of fans.”

Interestingly, Schofield seemed unsure on whether a single-player only Dead Space could be successfully pitched to EA. Yet, the commercial success of single player games in recent memory leads him to think it’s not impossible. These types of experiences are viable, it’s just a matter of spending wisely and appeasing audiences hungering for such games.

Check out the Dead Space-centric portion of the Game Informer interview in the video below:

[Source: Game Informer]