Step Into a Tactician’s Shoes to Take on Armies in Skyworld This Month

The strategy wargame Skyworld, which is already available on other Virtual Reality platforms, was announced for PlayStation VR late in 2018. At the time, a nebulous launch window of early 2019 was offered. Now, developer Vertigo Games has revealed the title will hit PlayStation VR on March 26th.

Vertigo Games’ Studio Director, Richard Stitselaar, took to the PlayStation Blog recently to announce the news. In doing so, Stitselaar also offered a refresher as to what should be expected from the Skyworld experience.

By being tasked with managing a kingdom at war, players are placed in the hot seat. Building and managing armies rests at the core of the experience, as does battling friends and conquering other worlds in online play. Vertigo Games has elevated this level of play by adding new multiplayer features to the PlayStation VR version. This includes a persistent leveling system and the ability to unlock “special avatars” when leveling up. However, for those who are solely interested in single player, Skyworld features a robust solo campaign, as well. It sounds just as integrated into the overall experience as the multiplayer content.

For the solo campaign, players begin building their kingdom and army in a world known as Overworld. This portion of the game features a turn-based component, in which population and resource management are key mechanics. When the royal armies experience growth, combat enters into the fray. As such, conquest can begin in earnest. Interestingly, conquest will take place across all Skyworlds, of which there are eight in total. The goal, as far as Skyworld’s narrative is concerned, is to push back demons that have infiltrated these worlds in a quest for “magical power.”

[Source: PlayStation Blog]