Dead or Alive 6 Online Lobbies Are KO-ed Until April

Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei have confirmed through a tweet that the Dead or Alive 6 online lobbies have been delayed until April 2019. This is despite releasing the companies release a new patch and extra DLC later in March 2019.

The online lobbies have been delayed yet again, as they supposedly still require polish from the team. They will be included in the Version 1.03b update appearing sometime in April 2019. Tecmo Koei said, “Your patience is greatly appreciated.”

Online lobbies are a crucial element in a fighting game, as they allow players to meet up and play against each other. There is currently a ranked mode in Dead or Alive 6, but there isn’t a way to match up with friends. This was a big criticism in our review for the game by Blake Grundman. He said, “The net takeaway is that if you’ve no intention of playing ranked matches, this essentially renders DOA6 a single player title for at least the first few weeks.”

It’s a good thing that Dead or Alive 6 has a comprehensive set of single-player modes. To compare, Street Fighter V did not have many solo options at launch. (There wasn’t even an arcade mode.) In Dead or Alive 6, people have access to story, versus, time attack, arcade, and Quest modes. They can also constantly earn unlockables like new costumes and music.

If you are still playing Dead or Alive 6, despite the lack of lobbies, the update on March 29, 2019 will bring with it new DLC, game balance adjustments and bug fixes.

If you’d like to try out DOA6, but don’t have the money, you can check out the free Core Fighters version. It comes with four free characters (Kasumi, Diego, Hitomi, and Bass), most of the single player modes (and a snippet of the story), ranked mode, and the ability to unlock costumes with parts.