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Today’s The Last Day to Cast Your Player’s Choice Ballot for 2019’s Inductees into The World Video Game Hall of Fame

The World Video Game Hall of Fame at The Strong Museum in Rochester, NY is holding its annual induction of games into the hall of fame. March 28, 2019 is the last day for players worldwide to submit their Player’s Choice Ballot for  2019’s inductees. This year’s finalists consist of 12 different games ranging from mobile games to age old classics, and just about everything else. The list is as follows:

  1. Candy Crush
  2. Centipede
  3. Colossal Cave Adventure
  4. Dance Dance Revolution
  5. Half-Life
  6. Microsoft Windows Solitaire
  7. Mortal Kombat 
  8. Myst
  9. NBA 2K
  10. Sid Meier’s Civilization
  11. Super Mario Kart
  12. Super Smash Bros. Melee

Rules state that each person can only vote once per day. The original voting period for 2019’s inductees is from March 21st to the 28th. The official website’s section for the Player’s Choice Ballot detailed the process after today’s final votes:

The three games that receive the most public votes will be submitted on one ballot and will join the other top-three submissions from members of the International Selection Advisory Committee. The public will collectively act as one member of the committee.” … “The final inductees will be revealed at a special ceremony at The Strong on Thursday, May 2.

The Class of 2019 will be joining legendary games such as DOOMPac-Man, Pong, Super Mario Bros., World of Warcraft, Tetris, Tomb Raider, Space Invaders, Street Fighter II, Halo: Combat Evolved, The Legend of Zelda, John Madden Football, Final Fantasy VII and more. With today being the cut off point, cast your votes wisely folks.

Personally, I would love to see the original Mortal Kombat be included among this year’s inductees. I have always been a massive fan of the games, even to this day the Mortal Kombat series dominates the fighting game genre. NetherRealm Studios, the developers behind Mortal Kombat 11, honor the past titles and the solid foundation that was laid with Midway’s original game. Classic characters like Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Johnny Cage, and Sonya Blade all remain playable characters in the modern installment of the series, and it’s because Mortal Kombat was an influential game that changed the tide of fighting games for the foreseeable future. This is what the World Video Game Hall of Fame is all about:

The World Video Game Hall of Fame at The Strong recognizes individual electronic games of all types—arcade, console, computer, handheld, and mobile—that have enjoyed popularity over a sustained period and have exerted influence on the video game industry or on popular culture and society in general.

Out of this year’s finalists, which games do you think will be inducted into The World Video Game Hall of Fame? Let us know in the comments below!

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