Fighting EX Layer DLC Character Area Delayed To June or July

The next Fighting EX Layer DLC character, Area, will unfortunately be delayed to June or July. And actually, there’s a possibility she might not even be released. Arika, the developer, announced the news in an update yesterday:

“Currently, we are planning on releasing the character in June or July, but unfortunately I cannot give a definitive answer at the moment,” said the President of Arika, Akira Nishitani. In fact, Nishitani said that he wasn’t even sure if they could even release the character or not, saying their backs are to the wall. Area was originally going to tag in by the end of May.

If Arika is able to add Area into the game, she will be available in a free update. Despite the uncertainty, Nishitani gave a few details and screenshots of the character. She’ll be voiced by Rie Hikisaka, a 33-year-old, who seems to be relatively new in the voice acting field with credits from Violet Evergarden and Princess Principal. During the update, Nishitani says that he doesn’t want to let her down, saying “It would be very rude Hikisaka-san if Area didn’t make it to the game, so we have to do our best.”

Fighting-EX-Layer area

The game was first shown on April Fools’ Day 2017, but it had enough desire from the fans for it to become a reality. For this year’s April Fools’ Day, a new mobile game called Fighting EX Layer Alpha was released.

Both Fatal Fury‘s Terry Bogard and Street Fighter EX 2‘s Sharon joined the fight last week. Sharon is free to download, but Terry is available to purchase for $4.99 on PS4 and PC.

Area first arrived with her giant mechanical hand in Street Fighter EX2 Plus. She is a nerdy character who has a knack for creating inventions that help her in combat, including her massive arm.

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