Fighting EX Layers Reveals Its Three DLC Characters, and Maybe a Photo Mod

Fans of Fighting EX Layer will have a lot to look forward to in the new year. As part of its planned updates for 2019, Arika revealed that three extra characters would be joining its roster. One is even promised for the end of March 2019! Well, thankfully Arika didn’t want to keep us waiting for too long, as it announced that Sharon and Area from the Street Fighter EX series are joining the fight in the near future. They will appear alongside the previously-announced Terry Bogard. In addition, Arika may (or may not) have stealth-announced a photo mode.

The official Arika Facebook page showed screenshots of all three characters in action. The post also reiterated its plans for these additional characters. Two of them will be free, while the other, and I quote, is “non-free.” However, specifics on which character will cost money was not revealed, although the running theory is that Terry, as a guest character, would be said “non-free” fighter. In addition, Arika did not announce which character is coming in March, although we do know it will be one of the two free characters.

In addition, a rather curious video was posted on the official Arika YouTube channel. Captured in-game on the PlayStation 4, it seems to reveal a photo mode of sorts. Now, it should be noted that the phrase “photo mode” is never mentioned in the video. However, with the manipulation of the scene being showed off, it sure looks like a photo mode. Check it out here:

As a photo mode wasn’t officially announced, there’s no clear release window on the introduction of this feature, if it even is coming. However, Arika is continually making updates and improvements to its game, so we could see it in the near future. We’ve already seen characters added before, so Fighting EX Layer is certainly shaping up to have an exciting 2019.

Are you excited to play as these three characters in 2019? Let us know!