You Can Now Buy the Life is Strange 2 Episodes Seperately

After much feedback and fan demand, Square Enix is finally allowing fans to buy the Life is Strange 2 episodes separately, instead of getting a season pass. The episodes were previously locked under the pass.

Jon Brooke, the Co-Head of Studio at Square Enix External Studios, offered the following explanation for the time it took for this to happen.

It took a bit of time to set it up since we needed to ensure all episodes can be played individually and even out of order, which wasn’t the original design. But we are glad to finally be able to announce that the fans can now purchase each Episode of Life is Strange 2 individually on launch day from now on,

Square Enix saw an “overwhelming demand” for the option to buy them separately, and the company obliged. All episodes now offer that option. Brooke said, “Life is Strange 2 is a live development project and all fan insights and reactions help improve the game and the offering as we create it.”

The studio also released a teaser for Life is Strange 2‘s third episode. You can watch it here:

This third adventure, named “Wasteland,” will be released on May 9th. That’s relatively soon!

Life is Strange 2 follows the story of two brothers, Sean and Daniel, who are caught in an accident with the police and have left town during a series of devastating events. In result, the two are fleeing from Seattle to Mexico in order to find a new life in their father’s childhood home. While low on cash, Sean has to make some tough calls in order to keep him and his kid brother alive.

While this game is set in the same universe as the first Life is Strange, there are few connections to Max and Chloe, if any, in this sequel. They are unlikely to show up in the game.