Respawn Disables Apex Legends Player Reporting on PS4 as It Works With Sony to Improve the System

Respawn Entertainment Community Manager, Jay Frechette, has announced that the developer has temporarily disabled Apex Legends‘ player reporting on the PlayStation 4. He didn’t go into specifics but said that Respawn is working with Sony to make improvements to the system.

“We need to do some dev work on it to comply better with how this information is provided to Sony and we’re working with them on the improvements,” Frechette wrote on Reddit. “This is an important feature that we want to bring back and will turn it back on once we’ve done the necessary work.”

In the same post, Frechette acknowledged a bug that displays incorrect Battle Pass XP boost percentage for Level 12 badge. He reassured players that they’re still being awarded the 2.5 percent XP boost, and that this is merely an issue with Apex Legends‘ user interface, which Respawn will fix soon.

When one user suggested that the backlash surrounding the Battle Pass XP bug was related to players not being given enough incentives to stay in the game after they die, Frechette said that this is a separate issue but one that Respawn is looking into.

“We’re aware of the feedback around the players not getting survival XP when going down early,” he responded. “That’s not the intended design and we’ll address and give more info when I have more details. We’re on it.”

Apex Legends‘ latest update, 1.1, caused a progression issue across all platforms that Respawn recently fixed alongside the following:

  • Any in-game purchases and progress acquired during the time between 1.1 going live and the fix will be reverted – levels earned, items unlocked, packs opened, and spent currency. If you continued to play and didn’t patch then this will not affect you.

  • Any currency purchased, spent or not, will be carried back over to their original account state. i.e. – if you bought $20 worth of coins, and spent $18, then you’ll will get $20 after the fix.

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[Source: Reddit]