The Division 2 Update 2.1 Will Fix Crafting Bench and Issue of Characters Getting Stuck

The Division 2 is set to receive patch 2.1 next week, which will (at least partially) fix the issue of characters getting stuck, and will make improvements to the crafting bench.

Patch notes are as follows:

Crafting Bench

  • We have a fix for the bench not upgrading to World Tier 5 in the works.
  • This will also fix the issue for players that have their crafting bench stuck in different World Tiers.

Characters getting stuck

  • We are trying to reproduce this internally. If you have more information on the topic, please share it with us (e.g. if you’re experiencing high latency).
  • We have one fix for players getting stuck in the revive animation.

Revive Hive

  • Made first improvements with TU2.
  • Another fix incoming to reduce more occurrences in 2.1.
  • We’ll apply more fixes in the future as needed.

True Patriot

  • Fix coming to address the two piece gear set bonus of True Patriot not working.

In addition to the above, Ubisoft provided an update on some existing issues that the developer is currently looking into.

The issue of Henry Hayes being locked out for some players has been particularly troublesome for the studio to fix, and the team is still working on it. There’s also a bug that affects the game’s AI and makes it more aggressive, which Ubisoft has labeled a top priority issue.

Apart from the AI fix, The Division 2‘s difficulty is set to receive some balance changes, which Ubisoft has outlined as follows:

  • We’re looking into balancing armor and survivability a bit. Expect these tweaks to be included in the PTS testing, starting next week.
  • We want to increase protection for players sprinting and going cover to cover so they take less damage in a future patch. Here, the goal is to make re-positioning a viable tactical option.
  • We agree that hard, challenging and heroic mission NPCs can feel too spongy. We want to improve this and decrease the time to kill. We want to test this on the PTS next week, but are still talking about the exact changes.
  • We agree that Control Points on higher levels can feel too hard and that the NPCs can also feel too spongy. We’re talking about possible changes right now and will have more news on that soon.

We’ll update our readers when patch 2.1 goes live.

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[Source: Ubisoft]

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