Hop On Board Caravan Stories When It Heads West

The PlayStation 4 is getting another MMO this summer. Aiming, Inc. announced the popular Caravan Stories will be coming to North America sometime in July 2019. This comes after a wildly successful run in Japan, with over two million players taking part in the game.

Caravan Stories is a free-to-play MMORPG that takes place in the fantasy world of Iyarr. Players can choose from six different races to make their character, with each one having its own unique storyline. The once-peaceful Iyarr is suddenly plagued by the evil Enigma. Now full of demons bent on destruction, players will have to find out where this threat came from, and how to stop it.

A big part of Caravan Stories is the ability to tame monsters and recruit NPCs to your cause. Parties can be made up of up to six parties made up of all kinds of allies. Abilities in combat will be different depending on what character you play as, so you’ll need to change up your strategy depending on who you enter battle as. The world will be filled with dangerous dungeons and raids that fellow players can team up to take on. Caravan Stories also features an open-world map, allowing players to forge their own path as they journey.

Iyarr is described as a “dynamic world,” featuring an “intricate time flow system” that determines where and what enemies show up. However, Caravan Stories will also allow players to learn from more experienced players if they are facing significant struggles. Spectator Mode will allow players to view other players in combat, allowing them to gain knowledge to help them moving forward.

Featuring a fully-orchestrated soundtrack and a watercolor-inspired aesthetic, Caravan Stories will feature Japanese Audio with English subtitles. Caravan Stories joins fellow MMOs like Final Fantasy XIV and The Elder Scrolls Online as only the latest massively-multiplayer online game to hit the PlayStation 4. It will “soft launch” in July 2019, though more details on a full launch will be given in the future.