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New Guinness World Record Holder Given a Special Gift by the God of War Devs

There are dedicated PlayStation fans worldwide, and one just received an awesome gift. God of War collector Emanuel Mojica Rosas, from Jalisco, Nayarit in Mexico, received the holy grail for any collector: the first ever burned disc for the original God of War for the PlayStation 2. He also received a Guinness World Record for his massive collection.

Mojica Rosas has collected 583 pieces of God of War memorabilia. This collection includes mugs, apparel, special editions, figures, and now that rare disc. To award his dedication, Cory Balrog, the Creative Director of 2018’s God of War, awarded Mojica Rosas the copy of the PlayStation 2 game, which was made on February 1, 2005.

But that wasn’t all Mojica Rosas received. A Guinness World Record adjudicator, Phillip Robertson, had something for him too. He was given the world record for having the largest God of War collection in the world. Mojica Rosas noted that he wanted to make history since the death of his father in 2015, so people would remember his family’s name.

The massive God of War fan was greeted with applause when he arrived at Santa Monica’s studio. He was shown around both the studio and the motion capture set.

Mojica Rosas explained why he began his God of War memorabilia collection. He started it when his grandmother’s health declined in 2011. It was a tough time for his family, especially for his mom. He also ended up losing his job during this trying period. The game he turned to in the aftermath was God of War on the PS2. He related to Kratos’ story of fighting against fate and forging a new future. He said, “If Kratos can change his own destiny, I can do it.”

You can watch his story in the video below:

Balrog told Mojica Rosas,

You inspire me continually, every time I hear anything that you say because it helps me understand that it doesn’t matter how hard something gets, it doesn’t matter how dark, the path appears. There is always a light somewhere. That’s amazing.

Another major collectible is on the way for God of War fans. It is the recently announced card game from CMON. It will be released sometime in the third quarter of 2019.

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