The Spring Blossom Festival Has Bloomed Again in Monster Hunter: World

Spring is in the air, and on your screens! Capcom has brought back the Spring Blossom Festival in Monster Hunter: World, perfect for getting you in the mood for the changing weather. Featuring new gear, quests, and decorations, the events is on now, and lasts until May 16, 2019. The festival follows the special Appreciation Fest anniversary event in January.

The event takes place in Astera’s Gathering Hub and features the place filled with springtime decorations. Even the staff are dressed for Spring, with the entire area feeling so much brighter. As with any Monster Hunter: World event, there will be plenty of limited-time quests to take part in. These quests include quests from other seasonal events, so it’s the perfect opportunity to get any rewards you may have missed out on before.

To get into the Springtime mood, there are also plenty of sales all throughout Astera. These reduced prices will only last the duration of the event, so you better get a hold of them now! Sales are for every player online, so be sure to let your friends know so they can take part in the fun, too. Speaking of friends, your handler can get an exclusive outfit of their own while the event is live.

Keeping up with the good vibes, for the entire event, every player will get two Lucy Vouchers as a daily reward (in addition to some other secret bonuses). It’s definitely seeming like this event is packed full of Springtime fun. Hunters may want to take in this nice weather while they can, as the Iceborne expansion will be coming in fall 2019.

[Source: Capcom]