The Necromancer’s Ready to Raise the Dead in The Elder Scrolls Online

The eagerly-anticipated The Elder Scrolls Online expansion, Elsweyr, is bringing much more than dragons. A fearsome new class will be coming for players to utilize, allowing players to use skills never seen before in the game. The Necromancer class is rising from the crypt, and Bethesda is giving players a first look at this spooky new job.

Take a look at the Necromancer in action here:

True to form, the Necromancer has control over the dead, though they obviously won’t be quite as dead when you find them. You’ll be able to raise the dead to fight by your side, giving you a terrifying army.

That’s not all the Necromancer can do. With the Necromancer’s powers, you can create some rock-solid armor made out of—what else—bone. You’ll also be able to use your dark arts to “weave severed flesh together” which certainly sounds gruesome. The Necromancer surely has even more tricks up his sleeves, tricks we’ll see more of this week, as Bethesda will be spending all week revealing more about the Necromancer.

The new class should create a new, exciting way to play The Elder Scrolls Online. But that’s not all the Elsweyr expansion will bring to Bethesda’s hit MMO. The big development is the introduction of dragons to The Elder Scrolls Online. To celebrate, ZeniMax Online Studios has christened 2019 “The Season of the Dragon.” It first kicked off with the release of the Wrathstone DLC. However, the big event will be the launch of Elsweyr, which releases in summer 2019. You can preorder it now to be among the first to experience the newest chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online saga.

Back in March, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of The Elder Scrolls, players got to experience the first taste of the Elsweyr zone with the special Elsweyr prologue.

The Elder Scrolls Online is available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Elsweyr will release on June 4, 2019. Think you’ll become a Necromancer? Let us know!