Anakin Skywalker’s Battle Point Cost Doubled In Battlefront 2 Until Next Week’s Patch Brings Further Balance Changes

Ben Walke, Community Manager on Star Wars Battlefront 2, confirmed on Twitter that Anakin Skywalker will see an increase to his in-game Battle Point cost until next week when DICE releases a patch that will bring further changes to his in-game balance. Anakin Skywalker will now cost 8000 Battle Points (compared to the original 4000) when playing on maps of the correct era, and 12000 Battle Points (compared to the original 6000) when playing on non-era maps. This is clearly an attempt to discourage players from constantly picking the Chosen One in-game.

DICE has been doing their best to balance the Chosen One ever since he was released in Battlefront 2. He should be powerful yes, but the community feels that he breaks the game’s balance and makes it nearly impossible to take back an objective. Things like this make the game less fun for everyone, and ultimately DICE’s goal is to make the game fun for all players, not just those wielding lightsabers. If this is how the majority of the community feels, then DICE will make changes accordingly.

Personally, I disagree with the community’s opinion that Anakin was completely overpowered. Even when he first came to the game, he was still very much killable. Yes, in a one-on-one fight he was nearly impossible to kill, but that was only if you were playing as Infantry. The same can be said for most of the games Heroes. If you worked with your team and everyone focused their fire on him, he was easy to take out. I am part of the group of players that felt if you had problems taking down Anakin, that you needed to find a new strategy to do so.

The only mode I have found him to be too powerful in is the new Capital Supremacy game mode (specifically when boarding the enemy’s Capital Ship), but that is because of the map design when you board the enemy ship. The hallways are narrow, with only so many routes to the objective. This makes it easy for an Anakin player and his team to create a choke point that you and your team can not pass through. Players have also discovered that they can spawn trap you thanks to the defending team’s spawn locations. The issue here is poor map design. I have yet to hear DICE comment on this issue, but it would be nice to get some feedback from the development team.

What do you think of DICE doubling Anakin’s Battle Point cost until next week’s patch? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: Twitter]