Fallout 76 Patch 9 Will Allow Players to Set Up Shops and Exchange Legendary Items

Bethesda has detailed two new features coming to Fallout 76 with Patch 9 next week: player vending machines and legendary exchange machines.

Player vending machines will allow players to set up their own shops and make money by selling items they’ve picked up, and legendary exchange machines will allow them to turn unwanted legendary items into a currency that can be used to purchase legendary items that they want.

Upon setting up vending machines, players will be able to choose the prices they want to charge for their items. They’ll be notified when someone makes a purchase and will also be able to visit other players’ vending machines to purchase items of interest.

Legendary exchange feature will be making its way to Fallout 76 later this month. The Purveyor is a brand new vendor who’ll be setting up shop in the wasteland but she’ll only sell legendary items for a special currency called Legendary Scrip. To prepare for her arrival, Bethesda will be adding legendary exchange machines to Fallout 76 with Patch 9. These will allow players to convert their unwanted legendary items into Scrip.

How much Scrip you’ll receive will depend on the star-rating of your legendary items.

Last but not least, Patch 9 will implement “Survival Score” as a new primary stat for scoreboards in Survival Mode. Here’s how it works:

  • You will receive one Survival Point for every Experience Point you earn while playing in the Survival Beta.
  • The total number of Survival Points you currently have will determine your placement on the Scoreboards. The three players with the highest Survival Scores will be highlighted on the Map.
  • On death, your Survival Score will be reset to zero.
  • When you kill another player, 75% of the Survival Points they had prior to death will be added to your Survival Score.
    • For example: If your Survival Score is 500 and you kill a player whose Score is 1,000, they will lose all their Points and you will receive 750, for a new Survival Score of 1,250.

Fallout 76 Patch 9 will release on Tuesday, May 7.

[Source: Bethesda]