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Ubisoft Confirms Ghost Recon Premiere Event for This Week

The Skell Technology tease in the recent Ghost Recon: Wildlands update, Operation Oracle, has officially been addressed by Ubisoft. Following the update’s launch, sleuthing fans uncovered information that suggested a Tom Clancy game would receive a reveal of some kind on May 9, 2019. Well, the guessing game can come to an end. May 9th will indeed bring about Tom Clancy-related news. While some may have their fingers crossed for Splinter Cell’s long-awaited return, the publisher has already promised that the May 9th event will revolve around Ghost Recon.

A world premiere event for Ghost Recon will take place on May 9th at 11:30am PST. Fans interested in catching the event live can do so on either Ubisoft’s official YouTube channel or Twitch account.

The publisher revealed the news in a post on Ghost Recon’s Twitter page. Check out the tweet in question below:

For now, the date, time, and brief teaser image attached to the Twitter post serves as all the information Ubisoft is willing to offer. Whether or not this event will culminate in the reveal of a new game, DLC, or something else entirely remains to be seen.

Considering Ghost Recon: Wildlands hit store shelves in early 2017, it won’t be too surprsing if another entry in the series is on the way. Besides, Wildlands itself has kept its player-base busy for quite some time. New events, missions, and more have consistently been released since launch. Some of the post-launch content has even ventured into territory outside of Ghost Recon mythos. For instance, Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher featured in one update. Meanwhile, Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six crossed paths in another event.

[Source: Ghost Recon on Twitter]