Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher Makes an Appearance in Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Special Operation Teaser

It looks like Splinter Cell‘s Sam Fisher is going to make an appearance in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands soon. Developer Ubisoft recently released a teaser for The Call – Special Operation, which you can see above, noting that the Ghosts are set to team up with a new partner.

“When duty calls, he answers,” reads a description. Unless our eyes and ears are deceiving us, Ubisoft is referring to Sam Fisher.

More details about the upcoming event will be revealed on Monday, April 9, so stay tuned.

A Ghost Recon Wildlands event might not be what Splinter Cell fans have been asking for but if previous reports and a recent listing by Amazon Canada (now removed) is to be believed, a new game in the series might be in the works. This year’s E3 kicks off in two months so we can pin some hopes on the event.

Haven’t played Ghost Recon Wildlands yet? Make sure to read our review (spoiler: we enjoyed it). PlayStation LifeStyle’s Blake Grundman praised the game’s co-op mode and noted that it comes packed with side missions and collectibles to keep players busy. Ubisoft has been regularly updating the title with content so check out our previous coverage for more information.