Monster Hunter: World Is the Best-Selling Capcom Game of All Time

Capcom shared its 2018/2019 financial results, giving us a look at some of the company’s most successful titles. It turns out one of them was Monster Hunter: World. The action-RPG has shipped over 12 million copies across the PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

According to the financial report, the following was stated:

In such an environment, Monster Hunter: World (for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC), which shook up the market last year, continued to report strong sales, with total shipments breaking 12 million units, marking a record high for any single title in the Company’s history.

While it’s incredible that the game is doing so well, it is interesting it’s Capcom’s best-selling game, due to how much skill is involved, making it tough for newcomers. Either way, Monster Hunter: World does a better job with tutorials than other entries in the series, so if you’ve never played, this is the one to try. It’s also great timing to jump in now, since a new update will be rolling out this spring.

Other successes were Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2 (2019), which shipped two million and four million, respectively. Both of those titles were critically well-received, as well, making them huge successes for Capcom.

Because of these sales, the company has generated a profit of over $164 million, a 13% increase from last year. Capcom also touched on making sure its working culture remained healthy. The report noted:

Starting from April 2019, laws related to workstyle reforms will go into effect and various measures including the reduction of overtime work will become imperative. As part of measures to promote work-life balance and reduce any instances of excessive working hours, the Company has endeavored to improve and maintain employee health by encouraging employees to take paid leave and through holding  Safety and Health Committee meetings every month. The Company is also working to create an environment with child-rearing support and other initiatives, including on-site childcare facilities, which will empower employees to pursue their careers actively. At the same time, it will seek to foster a corporate culture that provides job satisfaction in order to secure and leverage outstanding talent.

After all the horrible stories from other companies in which crunch, harassment, and poor working conditions are a huge issue, it’s refreshing to see that Capcom is making it a priority to ensure its workers are safe and happy.

A huge congratulations to Capcom for their success.

[Source: Capcom via GameSpot]