Meet The New Characters of Trails of Cold Steel 3

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3 seems to tell a very interesting and complex story. Luckily enough, the developers behind the game have released a trailer showing off a handful of the characters we will be taking the long journey with. Below we will break down a bit about each of the characters using portions from the trailer in addition to biographical bits provided by Nihon Falcom.

Rean Schwarzer

Rean played a very key role in the civil war which took place in the game around a year and a half prior to the start of Trails of Cold Steel 3. He is also a decorated veteran from several other wars around the game’s main setting Erebonia. Now he takes on the role as an Instructor at Thors Military Academy, where he is seen as the fearless leader of Class VII, the Special Operations wing of the school.

Kurt Vander

Kurt comes from a family of fighters who has long served as protectors of the Imperial Family. After the end of the civil war, the Vander family were released from their service causing Kurt to lose the thing he’d worked his whole life to achieve. He was encouraged to enroll in Class VII by his brother to help him create a new future for himself. Kurt shows a high level of skill with dual swords which have become his trusty companions.

Juna Crawford

Transferring over from the Policy Academy in her home state after it was annexed in the civil war, Juna is a passionate young woman eager to share her pride for her homeland. Her background in police work and love for her former home is noted to give her a “strong sense of justice.” She was recommended by a mentor to transfer to Thors Military Academy to continue her training. She can be seen in the trailer with her signature weapons, the Gunbreakers, which seem to be a pair of Tonfas infused with guns.

The Legend of Heroes: Trials of Cold Steel 3

Juna wielding her signature Gunbreakers.

Altina Orion

Altina served in the military’s Intelligence Division and was a covert operative tasked with undermining the Noble Alliance. She also was asked to keep an eye on Rean which is why she has come to the Military Academy. She is seen as cold and emotionless, although the trailer shows her to be duty-driven and logical. Her background in espionage will surely cause a stir in the story of the game.

Musse Egret

Although she may seem to be a proper young lady at first introduction, Musse is known to be a very flirty 16-year-old student. She can be commonly found hanging on Rean, much to the 20-year-old instructor’s discomfort. She had attended another school prior to enrolling at Thors but had to withdraw due to an unexplained happening. Not much else is known of Musse at this point.

Ash Carbide

Ash is your standard, cocky bad boy that acts as if he doesn’t have a care in the world but has a dark past that he’s trying to hide. There has to be one of those, right? He opted to not pick sides in the civil war and instead stayed back to defend his hometown from thieves and ransackers. He later enrolled in the Combat Tactics class at the behest of someone who understood the troubles he had faced in the past. Ash is noted for having some issue with Rean.

The Legend of Heroes: Trials of Cold Steel 3

Ash Carbide, typically either looking for trouble or being the cause of it.

Other Major Characters Not In the Trails of Cold Blood III Trailer

Randolph Orlando, another instructor a Thor’s, is the homeroom teacher of Class VIII: Special Combat. After various stints with the Crossbell military, he found a place with the Crossbell Police Department where he worked diligently. As with Juna, Randolph was forced to leave the Crossbell police after the annexation of the state. While he is currently teaching in Erebonia at the Thor academy, he is still secretly helping Crossbell fight off the imperial rule.

Towa Herschel is the homeroom teacher for Class IX: Military Finance. She played a vital role during the civil war as the captain of the Courageous. She was offered her position at Thor’s academy following the war. Not bad for a 21-year old, eh?

Tita Russell comes from a family with strong mechanical skills. Her grandfather was a very renowned orbital scientist, paving the way for her love of technology. Upon hearing about some unusual events going on in Erebonia, Tita enrolled in Thor’s Military Finance class to investigate.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3 is planned for release on PlayStation 4 worldwide in fall 2019. The game was originally released in Japan back in 2017. Be sure to let us know which characters you are looking forward to seeing in the game!