Figment Creed Valley

Figment: Creed Valley Expansion Brings New Music and Puzzles

It seems that Bedtime Digital had more planned for than just bringing their game Figment to the PlayStation 4 on May 14, 2019. The studio also announced an expansion that is meant to serve as an encore.

Titled Figment: Creed Valley, the story will take the heroic pair from the base game, Dusty and Piper, on an adventure to a new location in the mind known as Creed Valley. This is where a person’s world-view is created and altered, making it a dangerous target for the new enemies to inhabit. Creed Valley will give players access to the Open-Minded and Close-Minded states, which will make drastic changes to the environment. This will expose players to new types of puzzles with unique solutions.

As would be expected, Figment: Creed Valley has an entirely new score of musical tracks for players to enjoy in the expansion. Bedtime Digital gave us a small taste of the music to come by releasing the Title Theme of the game.

Figment is best known for its musically adaptive world. Player actions can alter the tune played by the various parts of the environment. It will be interesting to see if the different states, Open-Minded and Close-Minded, alter the type of music being played. Perhaps music heard during Open-Minded portions will be light and playful, whereas Close-Minded sections will have a moody and repressive musical style? The game is also known for its hand-drawn design, which appears to be inspired by children’s books. During the different sections, the art in Figment: Creed Valley will change to reflect those two different states of mind.

Figment: Creed Valley will release on the PlayStation 4 sometime in fall 2019.

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