RAGE 2 How to Repair Your Vehicle

RAGE 2 – How to Repair Your Vehicle

Now that RAGE 2 is here, you’re hopefully playing through it and enjoying yourself with the chaotic, yet beautiful world Avalanche Studios has created for us. It’s certainly a game evocative of titles like Doom and Borderlands, to name a few. One of the main aspects of RAGE 2 is its vehicular combat, something that you’ll be participating in a lot of, as you journey throughout the wasteland. As such, your vehicle can get pretty beat up at times, so let’s get into how to repair your trusty set of wheels.

Firstly, when piloting a vehicle, you’ll notice it has its own health bar, demonstrated by the red meter in the bottom left of your screen. When this depletes, you won’t be able to move as efficiently, so it’s best to pull over to get things fixed as soon as you can.

Enemies can cause damage to your vehicle, of course, but driving like a madman will cause its health to deplete, as well, so be cautious when moving about. I learned that the hard way after dropping from what felt like a 100-foot cliff.

To repair your vehicle, simply exit the driver’s seat and walk around to the front. If it’s in need of repair, you’ll see a prompt labeled “Focus,” which will allow you to fix it up. Hold down the L1 button and you’ll see a bar that fills, indicating that you’re repairing the damage.

Once this completes, you’ll be good as new. You don’t need any supplies or anything to do so. As long as you’re in a safe place and aren’t taking damage, you’ll be able to make any necessary repairs.

Hopefully that clears up any confusion about repairing your vehicle in RAGE 2. We’ve got plenty of RAGE 2 coverage in the works, so stay tuned for that. Let us know how you’re liking the game and if this guide helped you!

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